skateboarding cake

this was for a boy’s 10th birthday party, he was celebrating at the local skate park so his mom wanted a skateboard shaped cake. it was chocolate with chocolate buttercream, covered in fondant. i used a stencil and wilton’s color mist to create the flames, and had my husband, the artist, draw his name in a graffiti-like font. my original idea was to make a reverse pattern using piping gel, then just go over the outline in black icing, but for some reason i couldn’t get the piping gel idea to work, and it was the night before the party so i didn’t have time for plan b. well i guess i did, plan b was to just free hand the design my husband had made. it was NERVE WRACKING, since i was using black icing on white, i really could not mess up. it was not my best work, but i think it turned out ok. the trucks were made out of fondant, and the wheels were chocolate donuts.

IMG_20131003_224337_573 IMG_20131003_224327_277 IMG_20131003_224233_857


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