damask baby shower cake

a coworker of mine was planning a baby shower for her sister, who was having a girl, and wanted a cake with a damask theme. 

i thought it would be fun to make a cake like stacked gift boxes bursting with pink stuffing. the bottom tier is white cake with buttercream filling, then covered in chocolate ganache, then covered with marshmallow fondant. i had some problems because the corners were so sharp, the fondant tore in some places as i was laying it over the cake. it didn’t turn out to be a problem because in the end you couldn’t see the corners anyway. i then used black modeling chocolate to cover the top of the box and a one inch border around the top.

the middle tier is chocolate with chocolate buttercream, also covered in ganache, and fondant. the top tier is also chocolate and then covered with modeling chocolate. i constructed the top box using bamboo skewers, the two in the front were cut about two inches taller then the two in the back, then i used a little chocolate ganache in the back to cement everything in place. the pink tissue paper is a 50/50 mix of fondant and modeling chocolate. i wanted it to be firm enough to cut like modeling chocolate, but flexible enough, like fondant, to look like tissue paper. i cut the squares out, folded it in half, then folded it in half again and stuffed all the squares under the lid, hiding the top of the cake and the bamboo skewers. i used the same 50/50 mix to make the pink bow on top.

as you can see from the pictures, the cakes are not perfectly level, and the fondant is not perfectly smooth in some places. next time i would definitely pay more attention to making sure my ganache is very smooth and level. i would also have made the border on the bottom cake the same width as the top lid so they were more congruent with one another. the tin foil you see in the picture was placed there to lend some extra support during transport, i put it there before i took pictures, and didn’t feel like removing it just to snap some pics. another thing i need to work on–taking better pictures!

IMG_20140816_092024_616 IMG_20140816_092128_357 IMG_20140815_212538_917


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