peach ombre wedding cake

peach themed wedding cake

my brother-in-law got married in july and as the family’s resident cake decorator, i offered to make the cake. this was an interesting endeavor as i live in colorado and they were getting married in st. louis. luckily i have a friend there who also bakes and she made a champagne cake for me, 3 10″ layers, to be exact. i bought the ingredients i would need for the icing when i arrived, and brought all the tools and food color i would need along on the airplane. the bride didn’t want anything complicated (thank goodness, because i didn’t have that much time), so i sent her a picture of a cake i’d been dying to try, i think this simple buttercream rose design looks so sleek and classy.

She chose peach as her wedding colors and we decided that an ombre cake would be gorgeous. the cake is filled with vanilla buttercream and candied peaches. i did a light crumb coat, then using a wilton tip, piped buttercream roses all along the outside, starting with white at the bottom and adding peach food color to the icing as i went along.

the cake is surrounded by various peach colored and flavored candies at the candy bar, which we set up as favors for guests.

IMG_20140725_165049_888 IMG_20140725_165044_645 IMG_20140725_165041_116


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