mortar board graduation cake

my friend/coworker was venturing out in the world to attend law school, and i really wanted to give him a good send off

all he wanted was a giant cookie, but i didn’t think that was good enough, so i went a little overboard, as i am wont to do. though he did still get his giant cookie. the cake was chocolate with chocolate buttercream, covered in wilton black fondant. this was from 2012, again before i learned some really helpful techniques about using chocolate ganache, marshmallow fondant and/or modeling chocolate. there were several places around the cake where i couldn’t quite get the fondant smooth, at least it was dark so it wasn’t as obvious. the top of the hat is just cardboard covered in fondant, and the tassel is made of fondant as well. the whole cake is resting on a big chocolate chip cookie.

2012-07-27_13-37-47_704 2012-07-27_13-40-34_66


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