jacuzzi cake

a buddy of mine, pat, was leaving our job so i made a cake to commemorate his last day. this cake is a little bit of an inside joke, as you really need to know pat…but it’s neat even if you don’t. the cake itself is white cake with vanilla buttercream, then carved in the shape of a jacuzzi and covered in fondant, the “water” is blue jello shots, and the hardware, towel and ducks are made out of fondant as well. i made the little magazines out of catalogs i had around the house. the doll was the best part, sculpting a man out of fondant was way beyond my skill at the time so i went to the toy store and found this pirate doll, which oddly looked A LOT like my friend pat, i had to add the ‘stache with permanent marker though.

sorry the picture of the final product is so bad, and still in the box i used to transport. i used to be, and am still to a lesser extent, really bad about taking pictures of cakes

20111015160220 20111015160238 20111016210436 20111016210450 20111016210501 20111016210512 20111018200249


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