stack of books

this was a birthday cake for a friend’s daughter, she was turning 9, and loves reading! so he asked for cakes that had something to do with her favorite book series, warriors. this was a pretty ambitious project for me at the time. since then i’ve learned a lot about making cakes with square edges, and using modeling chocolate to get very¬†crisp edges and corners. there is a lot i would do differently this time, but it definitely got the point across.

one of the tiers was white cake and the other was chocolate, they were both iced with buttercream and then covered in fondant. the picture on the cover was just printed on regular paper (i made sure to tell them it was not edible :)) and then i freehanded the font for the title and author using royal icing.

i initially didn’t mean for the fondant to have that swirled look to it, but boy did it get tiring kneading that huge thing of fondant and i couldn’t quite get the colors to blend right, i ended up really liking the look it gave the finished cakes.

2012-10-15_13-17-51_999 2012-10-15_13-17-42_757 2012-10-15_13-17-32_772 2012-10-15_13-17-24_438


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