this was a cake i made for a coworker’s birthday, it was several years ago and i don’t remember exactly how it came about, hopefully it was because he loves peanut butter and jelly!! the cake itself was white cake, the bottom “slice” was torted and filled with jelly, and the top “slice” was torted and filled with peanut butter. each “slice was then cut into a bread shape and covered in fondant, with the sides painted a darker brown to look like crust, i intentionally let the food coloring dry streaky to make it look more like bread. i then stacked the two cakes with jelly and peanut butter between them. i didn’t get great pics of the set up, but i thought it was pretty funny: he was usually the first person at the restaurant so i snuck in early on my day off and left it on the counter setting on crumpled up tin foil and surrounded by other lunch items, like a can of coke and a bag of potato chips, he got a real kick out of it!

20111103140204 20111103140149 20111103140141 20111103140127


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