feliz cumpleanos

this was a cake i made for my friend’s birthday, which happens to fall on cinco de mayo. he wanted a german chocolate cake, which i made (see below), but i wanted to make something a little more exciting to go along with it. pinata cake seemed like the most reasonable thing to do. this is white cake filled inside with m&m’s, held together by buttercream icing, the outside “fringe” is made from modeling chocolate. this was REALLY fun to make, me being a ding dong at first i wasn’t sure how the top would stay level, then as soon as i filled the inside with m&m’s, i realized that the candies will support the top layer of cake, duh!

lego cake 010

lego cake 013

everyone was super surprised when we cut into it and m&m’s came spilling out!

this is the first german chocolate cake i’ve made, since it’s not really my favorite flavor. i started with three layers of my go-to chocolate cake recipe, and for some reason i thought it’d be a great idea to torte the layers, making 6. the cake turned out so tall!! not sure why i did that. the german chocolate filling took so long to firm up while i was cooking it, i was afraid that it would be a lost cause, but my patience paid off and it was delicious! each layer is filled with the coconut pecan filling, and the outside of the cake is covered with chocolate ganache. it was a hit for sure! my friend asked me later what kind of preservatives i use in my cakes because he said it was as good a week later as it was when he first cut into it. i don’t use any kind of preservatives, only natural ingredients, and told him that’s probably why it tastes so good!





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