lego cake

this was a lego themed cake i made for my friend’s son’s 6th birthday, obviously he has been very into legos this year, in fact i think i hear him sing the “everything is awesome” lego movie theme song every time i see him!! this cake was my first foray into using modeling chocolate to cover a cake. i was super excited to use the techniques i learned in jessica harris’ crafty class. the cake was red velvet with cream cheese flavored buttercream, covered in chocolate ganache, then covered with modeling chocolate. the small legos you see around the cake are made from candy melts in a lego mold i bought.

to make the name i downloaded the lego font from a free font site (like or, made a stencil of the letters i needed and cut them out of white modeling chocolate, then “glued”┬áthem onto a piece of black modeling chocolate with my trusty 50/50 corn syrup & water mixture, and, free hand, cut out around the letters, then┬árepeated that process onto yellow modeling chocolate. this was done several days to a week in advance. the small candy melt legos were also done ahead of time. i’m so glad i had the foresight to do these things first because the cake itself took me much longer to cover than i anticipated. not only that, but sticking those tiny little blue dots evenly over the cake board also took forever!

lego cake 017

lego cake 023

lego cake 021

lego cake 025


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